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Cooking Instructions for Biryani/Palav:

  • Defrost the contents by Micro-oven or by Thawing in a Saucepan.
  • You can also put out 2 hours before you cook, It melts naturally.
  • Empty the contents (Masala) into an electric cooker.
  • Add 200 to 250 gms rice of your choice Basmati/Sona masuri.
  • Non-Veg-Add 250gms of meat of your choice.. Chicken/Prawn/Mutton (Mutton has to be preboiled).
  • Veg -250 grams raw veggies of your choice - you can Add Paneer too.
  • Add 400 ml of water and switch on the cooker and your Palav will be ready in 15 min.
  • Personal customisation: You can add a spoon of ghee.. more chills if want it spicy.
  • This can be used as Pasta base too by adding cream.
  • Storage and Shelf life: Always keep it frozen. Shelf life is upto 8 months.

Please Note:
Don't use more than 200 gms of rice for one box and Meats/Vegetables/Paneer not more than 250 gms.
The portion will be sufficient for 2/3 people.

Cooking Instructions for Red Pulusu/Gogura Curry:

  • Thaw it to boiling point.
  • It's ready to eat without any Add-ons

Non-Vegetarian options:

  • And add fresh fish/Prawns Boiled chicken 250gms/Bolied meat/4 boiled eggs.
  • Boil for ten min in sim flame with the lid for 10 min and its ready to eat.

Vegetarian options:

  • Thaw the curry base to a boiling point with a slow flame and lid on.
  • Add 250 gms boiled Veggies of your choce and cook with the lid on for ten min and its ready.
  • You can also use Microwaved vegetables of your choice(8 min in the micro oven).

Preferred veggies:
Potato/Carrot/Arvi(Chama Dumpa)/Bottle Ground.

* Please add a pinch of salt if required